N-Weave Replica Shorts | Seattle Mixtape 2023



The N-Weave fabric has a hydrophobic finish removing any water-weigh down and promoting rapid drying. The ultra-light woven fabric allows for full range of mobility without compromising on comfort or aesthetic.

  • N-Weave Hydrophobic Woven Fabric
  • Ultra Lightweight Feel
  • Laser Cut Athletic Fit
  • Material: 100% Polyester

Customer Reviews

Based on 166 reviews

good quality, very light! also dries almost instantly

Jeremy Potts

N-Weave Shorts Regular | BE Core

Scott Dollen

N-Weave Shorts Short (-2inch) | BE Core

Inga Narjes
Nice fit

Love the Shorts and the options to have the length customized. They fit really nice for me

Big Mak
Finally the perfect Ultimate shorts

I've been playing ultimate for 9 years and have been on the constant search for the perfect shorts for just as long. I've tried all of the big name Ultimate brands so far, and haven't been fully pleased with any of them yet. I'm so glad I found these shorts. The material is lightweight, breathable, and the stitching and drawstring feel like they are high quality (I've only had them a couple weeks so far, so I can't speak to their durability yet). The length of the -2-inch is perfect for me, and my butt and quads look phenomenal. There is just enough room to not be too tight, while also being loose enough to feel comfortable. For reference, I am a short (5'3") non-binary person (AFAB) with muscular legs and slim waist (115 lbs). I got a size S and a size M. The size S fits like a glove and the size M is loose but still wearable if I give the waistband a roll.